We are passionate about creating great tasting herbal teas using the finest organic herbs from sustainable sources.
Sebastian Pole, our master tea blender, uses his extensive herbal knowledge and expertise to formulate the most flavoursome organic herbal teas, each with unique therapeutic properties to help balance your health.
We never compromise on quality and we only use the best part of premium grade herbs to give you a delicious herbal infusion. Our ingredients are 100% natural and organic and we do not add any artificial flavours or sweeteners.
We source all our herbs from independent farmers to ensure minimal impact on the environment and maximum benefit for the growers. Our herbal teas truly are pukka!
We hope you enjoy them!

Great Taste Awards
For the past five years we have entered the prestigious Great Taste Awards in association with the Guild of Fine Food. It's a real privilege to win such a significant accolade year after year and a testament to Sebastian's excellent blending skills.

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