Since 1912 the French syrup brand Monin is used in cafes, restaurants, hotels worldwide and considered as the non-alcohol syrup for those professionals.
You would enjoy the richness of the fragrances that comes from the qualitative and fresh ingredients. Monin's syrup can easily widens your menus thanks to flavor variations on cocktails, flavor teas, granitas, smoothies, European sodas, and so on.

From 2002 they also started challenging in the liquor's field: Monin has the know-how that sticks to realize superb ones.

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2013/07/02 【Monin】New products are now available.
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2013/05/14 Cafe Industry EXPO & Conference 2013
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2009/06/30 The fruitful launch "Fruit Puree Mix",new ultimate concept from Monin

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