SCA Union de Ubeda, is the first farming cooperative in Ubeda and Jaen province and second in Andalusia region, originally created by 59 members in 1931. The farmers considered it the best way to improve manufacturing conditions and virgin olive oil sales.

Currently, more than 2,000 farmers participate in the cooperative. They grow Picual olives and transform into extra virgin olive oil among cooperatives of the Jaen province in the modern facility with milling equipment, and storage capacity.

Picual is the most important olive species in the area of Jaen, and which produces a very fruity, aromatic and slightly sour oil. One of the most stable oils: long preservation time, between 22 and 30 months, in terms of flavor but also of its exceptional characteristics and natural components.

Today, SCA Union de Ubeda offers various types of extra virgin olive oil under brand UNIOLIVA, which is also exported to Europe, North America, Central America, South America, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.

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